Utility Strap

Fire Glove Strap


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The Utility Strap was created by a Los Angeles area firefighter out of the need for a durable, lightweight, all-purpose strap for the fire service. Use it to hold open wyes, secure couplings for lines above ground, lash bottles together for high-rise operations, hold open doors, marry irons together, tie 2 1/2" to rubbish hooks, secure wildland hose, anything you can think of. 


Heavy duty, Nickel plated 3/4" buckle

 .070 wall thickness vs. weaker .055 thickness buckles

42" Polyester webbing

Superior water/UV/mildew resistance

40 mil EPDM band

Resistance to UV / elements


We start with a Nickel-Plated, heavy duty 3/4" alligator buckle. Why 3/4" over 1"? The 3/4" strap can be used in everything a 1" strap can, with less size/weight/bulk in your turnouts. We then pair that with a 42" section of the same durable 3/4" polyester webbing that our FIREGLOVESTRAP uses, with a slant cut on the end for quicker insertion. We integrate a 40mil EPDM band for retention of the webbing - no more office rubber bands or hair ties to hold it together. Finally, we sew everything up with a modified 42 stitch, center start/stop mil-spec bartack.