Fire Glove Strap

Fire Glove Strap


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The FIREGLOVESTRAP was created by a Los Angeles area firefighter out of the need for a durable, quick release glove strap for multiple types of gloves.


All metal hardware

Heavy duty, Nickel-plated snap hook (No accidental release unlike trigger snaps)

E-Coat/Black Oxide quick release & adjustment buckles, Type 5 retroreflective tab

 Polyester webbing

Superior water/UV/mildew resistance compared to nylon


Every component on the FIREGLOVESTRAP is hand selected, down to the thread. It is constructed to last, utilizing multiple 42 stitch bartacks with bonded thread. There is no plastic to melt, and no hook & loop to clog or fail over time.

All the hardware is Nickel-plated, E-Coated, or Black Oxided for corrosion resistance. The Type 5 retroreflective tab is resistant to impacts, solvents, and is rated at 700 cd/lx/m² of retroreflection, making it visible from 1000 feet away.

The wide adjustment range allows use of multiple types of gloves. There are two variants: a standard length for structure and extrication gloves, and a shorter tail length variant for thinner (wildland/leather/mechanix) gloves. The standard length will also work with thinner gloves, but will have a slightly longer tail section. 

To use: release slack on adjuster, insert gloves, pull the loop down to tighten. You can also grip the tail and simultaneously pull down / push the buckle with your thumb.